The Steel System

We have developed stylish but strong multi-purpose buildings, at the heart of which is the use of structural steel framing and a design that allows the building to be quickly assembled and easily relocated. But more about that later…

Structural steel framing is thicker than that which has been used for residential dwellings in the past and gives significant advantages. Steel framing has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of all building materials. It allows the building to have greater spans. This means there is less dependency on load-bearing walls that can restrict your internal spaces.

The strength afforded your new home or building is significant when built with steel. New Zealand has many climatic and environmental challenges that it is paramount your building is built to withstand. Wind, earthquakes, climatic extremes…the internal steel core of your home more than meets the code requirements under EQC (NZ53604).

In fact, our builds are rated to Seismic 4 and Earthquake 4! The peace of mind this brings you is enormous on many levels and particularly with the current devastation wrought by the earthquakes in Christchurch.

From a day to day aspect, living in a steel frame home will prove to be quieter than one built with wood which has a tendency to “move” and creak as wood ages, expands and contracts.